Simona lucky 2017 GOTD Shannons prize winner

Simona Damyanova (Image Credit: Supplied).

SIMONA Damyanova has won four fully-paid Girls On Track Days thanks to proud sponsors Shannons Insurance at Broadford in 2017.

SIMONA Damyanova has won four fully-paid Girls On Track Days thanks to proud sponsors Shannons Insurance at Broadford’s State Motorcycle Sports Complex in 2017.

Simona, a long-serving participant of the GOTD, said winning the prize was extremely lucky and she was grateful for the opportunity. “It made my day and I couldn’t get the smile off my face! I was telling everyone at work that I won four Girls On Track Days! I was very happy,” Simona said.

“The more we practice, the faster and safer we become. Having those four GOTDs paid for means I can invest in a few more track days next year or safer gear or better equipment,” Simona added.

Asked what Simona likes about the GOTDs, Simona replied: “Having done a few track days now with different providers on different tracks I can honestly say the GOTDs are like no other. The environment is very friendly and different to the environment when I’m out there with the boys. It seems like we are all in the same bubble and the respect and helpfulness is in every corner,” she said.

There will be four rebranded Girls On Track Days Proudly Supported by Shannons at the State Motorcycling Sports Complex at Broadford next year. They are:

Saturday, January 29
Sunday, March 19
Saturday, June 3
Sunday, October 1

“GOTDs are days that I mark in my calendar and really look forward to. I just have to be there,” Simona said. “GOTDs have played a big role in improving my riding over the last 18 months and I look forward to 2017! The fact that we get coaching on the days is great and the girls are considerate and respectful out there on and off the track,” Simona said.

“Motorcycling Victoria always has something in store to surprise us on the day too. The sponsors; Kawasaki, Spokes, Shannons are always there to support us as well and I would like to let them know that they are a huge part of GOTDs and we truly appreciate their participation on those days and their support and cheer,” Simona added.

You can register for the Girls On Track Days for 2017 via this Online Entry Form.


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