Respect our volunteers

Wayne Holdsworth, MV’s CEO, would like to remind everyone to please respect our volunteers – the lifeblood of our sport.

As it is with every not-for-profit organisation, volunteers play an essential part in making everything tick, especially in motorcycle sport.

Volunteers give up their precious free time on many weekends throughout the year to make sure the sport is run as smoothly and safely as possible.

Many of them live busy lives and it’s solely their choice to become volunteers because they too have an affinity with the sport and an inspiring drive to make the sport better.

Volunteers are our sport’s greatest asset, who are frontline ambassadors and champions for the sport. It’s why it is so important that we give them the utmost respect whenever they are at an event.

The most dedicated volunteer will be demotivated if you don’t respect them, and if that happens, we’re all the worse off.

They are here to make your lives easier so we should do our very best to make their roles as easy as possible too.

Be grateful for their service – an unexpected thank-you or a sincere word of encouragement will go a long way in nurturing your relationship with them.

So the next time you consider that a decision made by a volunteer is, in your opinion, an incorrect one please show the respect they deserve and speak with them respectfully, and not shout at them.

Show the respect they deserve so they keep coming back. The sport, and you, will be better off because of their involvement.

Wayne Holdsworth

Chief Executive Officer
Motorcycling Victoria

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