Reminder of Licencing Club Menu List on RiderNet

Motorcycling Victoria staff have recently been receiving a number of phone enquiries from members and prospective members about some trouble with applying for, or renewing, their MA/MV licence in Ridernet.

The trouble has come at a point in the process where the member needs to select a club that they are a member of and their club has not been visible on the drop down menu that has appeared.

We have followed this up with the database provider, Sports Marketing Australia, who have provided us with the attached flowchart.

This flowchart shows that a club is not showing up in the drop down list because they are completing their memberships online. The reason the club is then taken out of the list is so that people cannot process their licence and get themselves a “free” club membership at the same time.

Going by the flowchart a member that comes across this issue should do the following:

  • If the member DOES have a club membership, they will need to contact their club and ask for their details to be added to the club via the database “backend” (accessible only by a member, or members, of the club committee who have been granted access) OR,
  • If the member DOES NOT have a club membership, they will need to return to the original licensing screen and select “Get a Club Membership” instead of “Get a Licence”, they can then resume processing a licence once they have a membership.

So please, if your club is not showing on that drop down select-able list contact your club first, as per the flowchart, and then if the club is still having trouble they can then contact MV and the staff can escalate the issue if required.

Club Membership Flow Chart

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