Officials Panel EOY Update

MV’s Officials Panel held their final meeting of 2015 in December and have released their end of year update.

Motorcycling Victoria’s Officials Panel held their final meeting of 2015 in December and a number of issues they have been working on throughout the year have been finalised.

These issues/projects were centered around event reporting, Officials Courses and creating clearer criteria for people requesting upgrades to their licence.

Event Reporting

The Officials Panel have determined that Clerk of Course Reports are now compulsory for all competitive events held in Victoria. At the moment, MX and RR are the only disciplines that are consistently sending in Clerk of Course reports (mostly for State/Inter-Club events) with other disciplines only some of the time sending them in.

As of January 1, 2016, any competitive event for any discipline will be required to submit a Clerk of Course Report.

The Officials Panel would like to also note that a three strikes policy will be adopted from January 1, 2016.

This policy will mean that should an official fail to submit their event reports (whether it be a Steward/Referee Report, Clerk of Course Report or Non-Competition Report) three times throughout the year, the Officials Panel will review that officials Steward/Referee or Clerk of Course accreditation and it could be removed.

All event report forms are available on the MV website under Events and Forms.

Level 2 Officials Course Changes

The Officials Panel have made a key change to the Level 2 Officials Course that will take place from January 1, 2016.

The assessment that appears in the Level 2 Course (multiple choice questions) will now include sections that are discipline specific. This is being done for two reasons:
1) to limit the number of people who sit the course and then tick every box on the officials form and the main reason
2) to provide a more knowledgeable (discipline specific) official straight out of the course

This additional section will be 10 questions long and could change from course-to-course. Attendees will be able to complete a maximum of two discipline specific sections.

Clearer Criteria around Level 3 Upgrade Requests

The Officials Panel has made a conscious effort to make it clearer to Officials how to apply for a Level 3 Upgrade.

Please see the attached form that Officials will need to submit (alongside their Participation Journal) when they apply for a Level 3 Upgrade Application.

Revised Steward.Referee Report & Clerk of Course Report Form

These forms are just being finalised and will be emailed around to all Officials holding these accreditations (as well as going up on the website) before the office closes.

The new forms will be expected to be used from January 1, 2016.

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