Officials In Focus: Rob Murdoch

Rob Murdoch.

This week’s Officials in Focus is Rob Murdoch, who is a life member of the Oakleigh Motorcycle Club and member of the Trials Club of Victoria.

Officials duties during an event are many and varied, they have the responsibility to ensure meetings are conducted in the safest environment possible for competitors and spectators alike.

Officials in Focus is our initiative to get some background information on a range of Officials accredited with Motorcycling Victoria. Done in a similar way to the Club Coach in Focus, we ask the questions and they tell us more about themselves.

We turn our focus now to Rob Murdoch, who is a life member of the Oakleigh Motorcycle Club and member of the Trials Club of Victoria.

How long have you been an Official?

Eight years. The first entry in my Participation Journal is 2nd February 2008.

What level of Official are you currently?

Level 3 currently. I have previously held FIM Steward and Clerk of Course accreditations for Trial.

What are the main roles you find yourself in when officiating? (e.g. Steward, Clerk of Course etc.)

Steward and Clerk of Course.

What disciplines do you usually officiate in and are you interested in working in other disciplines?

Trial usually. To broaden my experience I have been an assistant to Level 4 Officials at Speedway, Historic Road Race, Hill-Climb and Sprint meetings.

What do you enjoy about officiating?

Satisfaction in contributing to a sport which has given me a great excuse to spend time on and around motorbikes.

There would be many challenges as an Official, what is one challenge you’ve had to overcome as an Official?

Being the Starter and Chief Timekeeper at four World Trials Competitions.

What has been one of your best experiences as an Official?

As an Official at World Competition level, meeting senior FIM Officials and the world’s best Trial riders.

Would you recommend becoming an Official to other people?

Being an Official and contributing to a sport you are involved in is rewarding in many ways. Without volunteer Officials, organised motorcycle competition could not continue.

If you are interest in contributing, why not being at Level 1 and progress from there if it suits you?



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