New Victorian Road Race Champions Crowned!

The final round of the Victorian Road Race Championships were held over the past weekend at the State Motorcycle Sports Complex, hosted by Preston Motorcycle Club.

Preston Motorcycle Club President, Bruce Hill, was thrilled with the turnout and how the weekend progressed saying,

“We had a fantastic weekend of VRRC action and to top it off we had record numbers for a final round of the VRRC.”

Bruce would also like to thank all the volunteers, riders and officials for their efforts throughout the series and would also like to thank their major sponsor, Cykel, for their continued support of the VRRC.

With it being the final round, there are some new Victorian champions to announce, congratulations to the following people –

250cc 4stk:

1st: Aaron Drew (50pts)
2nd: Vicki Holmes (45)

300cc Production:

1st: Luke Sanders (281pts)
2nd: Grace Poutch (207)
3rd: Justin Kaiser (188)

400cc Production:

1st: Jack Mahaffy (225pts)
2nd: Ryan Taylor (164)
3rd: Johnathon Henderson (65)

Bears Formula 1:

1st: Rick Fitzsimmons (279pts)
2nd: Fergus Gibson (237)
3rd: Anshumali Sharma (211)

Bears Formula 2:

1st: Bob Mackenzie (301pts)
2nd: Jayson Porter (290)
3rd: William Birdsey (189)

Bears Formula 3:

1st: Tom Palmai (132pts)
2nd: Cosi Ubaldino (111)
3rd: Philip Bartush (100)

Bears Formula 4:

1st: Maurice Turner (137pts)
2nd: Andrew Smart (125)
3rd: Paul Casson (105)

Bears Formula 5:

1st: Steve Jordan (268pts)
2nd: David Aboud (247)
3rd: Linden Roth (192)

Juniors 160cc:

1st: Tommy Edwards (75pts)
2nd: Benny Baker (75)
3rd: John Lytras (60)

Juniors 70cc:

1st: Joshua Hall (185pts)
2nd: Harrison Voight (75)
3rd: Josh Kane (70)

Juniors 85cc:

1st: Luke Power (255pts)
2nd: Reece Oughtred (202)
3rd: Travis Hall (183)

125 GP & Moto 3:

1st: Dylan Whiteside (190pts)
2nd: Chris Boulton (112)
3rd: Joel Kelso (68)

Period 6 – Formula 1:

1st: Rick Johnson (150pts)

Period 6 – Formula 2:

1st: Liam Willoughby (165pts)
2nd: Aaron Drew (56)
3rd: Brendan Wilson (50)

Period 7 – Formula 1:

1st: Tristan Culvenor (278pts)
2nd: Doug Hall (258)
3rd: Paul Conway (206)

Period 7 – Formula 2:

1st: Adam Nicolson (150pts)
2nd: Richard Draper (75)
3rd: Matt Edwards (50)

Pre-Modern Formula 1:

1st: Donny Owen (248pts)
2nd: Jason Spencer (218)
3rd: Jeffrey Hill (205)

Pre-Modern Formula 2:

1st: Bruce Hill (50pts)


1st: Nathan Jones (283pts)
2nd: Tyson Jones (228)
3rd: Dean Oughtred (185)

Superbike B Grade:

1st: Travis Baas (243pts)
2nd: Nathan McKenzie (213)
3rd: Jake Drew (194)

Superbike C Grade:

1st: Donny Owen (248pts)
2nd: Trent Binaisse (243)
3rd: Michael Hicks (187)


1st: Ryan Taylor (250pts)
2nd: Adrian Forde (213)
3rd: Shane Maggs (172)

Supersport B Grade:

1st: Jason Spencer (212pts)
2nd: Shane Maggs (206)
3rd: Brendan Wilson (149)

Supersport C Grade:

1st: Adrian Forde (280pts)
2nd: John Quinn (208)
3rd: Ryan Harris (172)

Sidecars Formula 1:

1st: Duncan Rogers / Rodney Bell (300pts)
2nd: Declan Beare / Noel Beare (224)
3rd: Justin Foot / Melissa Foot (160)

Sidecars Formula 2:

1st: Terry Goldie / Melanie Schluter (225pts)
2nd: Ron Marten / Damien Edis (195)
3rd: Michael Scott / Harley Kent (54)

Sidecars Period 5 & 6:

1st: Mark Knight / David Rumble (75pts)


1st: Rick Fitzsimmons (235pts)
2nd: Jayson Porter (215)
3rd: Tracey Davies (183)


1st: Jack Mahaffy (135pts)
2nd: Linden Roth (81)
3rd: Anthony Stephens (75)

Congratulations to all riders who took part in the 2017 Victorian Road Race Championships and to those riders who have come away as Champion!

Dates and venues for the 2018 Victorian Road Race Championships will be released early December.

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