Women's Class for VORC heralds new era
March 05, 2013

The 2013 Yamaha VORC will run a Women's class at this year's championships which starts on March 23-24.

THE 2013 Yamaha Victorian Off-Road Championships is proud to announce that it will again run a Women’s Class at this year’s championships.

After fielding a small Women’s Class at last year’s VORC, the Enduro Committee has decided it will continue with the class for the 2013 Yamaha Victorian Off-Road Championships which starts in Traralgon on March 23-24.

Seven girls have already entered into the class this year, with Kellie Catanese, Sue Emery-Smith, Felecia Fergie, Elizabeth Lee, Rebecca Lipsett, Burgan Svenson and Teneil Van Doorn all committing to the opening rounds.

Member of Motorcycling Victoria’s Enduro Board, Denise Hore, is highly optimistic about the class: “Being sprint rounds, Rounds 1 & 2 represent a really good opportunity for girls who haven’t tried out off-road to give it a go,” Denise said.

At this stage the Women’s Class is only available to senior riders and not junior riders.

“We’ve already had seven entries and there’s still three weeks till the opening rounds. We’d really like to see the Women’s Class be a credible class this season and become a permanent class in our sport,” Denise added.

Having a Women’s Class, Denise believes, will shore up Victoria’s burgeoning female talent. “Having consistent numbers all year round and a competitive class will mean our girls will be able to stand tall against the best riders in Australia like Jessica Gardner,” Denise continued.

Entries for the 2013 Yamaha Victorian Off-Road Championships close on March 20. To express your interest in entering the class please email Chris Grey at offroad@offroad-racing.com.au.


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