Holden’s selfless act for kids at AJMXC

Victorian Rosco Holden and Holden On Tight graciously donated prize-money for all the winners at this year’s 2016 KTM AJMXC in South Australia.

IN A selfless and gallant act, Mount Eliza’s Rosco Holden graciously donated well-deserved prize-money to all the podium-getters on the final day of competition at the 2016 KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championships in Renmark, South Australia on Saturday, October 1. 

Rosco and his company, Holden On Tight, who support two-wheeled heroes and the community in need, graciously donated prize money to all the podium-getters including newly-crowned Australian champions from Victoria Cody Dyce, Taj Marshall, and Mason Semmens.

“Unfortunately, the club had a hiccup with their trophies, and I felt that it was important that the junior riders received something for their efforts rather than go up to the stage and receive nothing,” Rosco said.

Rosco generously donated approximately $2500 to the AJMXC and awarded the first-place getter $100, the second-place getter $50, and the third-place getter $25 for each of the respective classes.

“Holden on Tight supports the two-wheeled community in need and this was clearly a situation when the community was in need. It was important that not only the riders but the parents went home with something,” Rosco said.

“I’d like to thank all of the volunteers of the Riverland Motorcycle Club who worked so tirelessly to put on the week-long event as well as the families and international families who came as far away from Estonia, Thailand and New Zealand for the event,” Rosco added.

Rosco was also a recipient of the Lorraine MacDonald Services to Motocross Award in 2015.

“I genuinely care about everyone, no matter what state they’re from,” Rosco continued. “I believe that riders from this sport should have the right attitude towards each other and treat each other with respect and that will go a long way in life and they’ll be rewarded for the people that they are,” he said.

You can find out more about Rosco and Holden On Tight by visiting his Facebook Page here:


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