Getting Started

Motorcycle sport is a fun, safe and enjoyable activity and getting involved is very easy and takes just five easy steps.

Step 1. Join  A Club

You will need to join an affiliated motorcycle club with Motorcycling Victoria if you are applying for a competition licence (e.g. Junior National/Restricted, Senior National/Restricted).

It is not required to join an affiliated motorcycle club if you wish to apply for a non-competition licence (e.g. Mini, Recreation).

There are over 70 affiliated clubs in Victoria to choose from in our CLUB DIRECTORY.

Step 2. Complete a Licence Application Form

You will need to fill-out: 2017 Licence Application Form

Or you can now apply or renew your licence online here: RIDERNET

Step 3. Training

If you’re aged between 7 – 16-years-old you will need to undergo coaching and training by one of our qualified coaches. If you wish to apply for a Junior National or Junior Restricted licence, you must complete the Kick Start Program, which requires you to undertake a minimum of five hours of coaching. Please contact Motorcycling Victoria if you wish to receive a Kick Start booklet containing further information. The Kick Start Program can be arranged through your motorcycle club.

If you’re 16-years-old or above and wish to apply for a Senior National or Senior Restricted licence, you must complete the 25-question multiple theory test:


(As of 21.7.15)

 Step 4. Submit Licence Application Form

Once you have completed either the Kick Start Program or the First Time Licence Test, send in the necessary paperwork together with your Licence Application Form to MV.

You must also include the following items with your application:

  • A copy of your Birth Certificate, Passport or Drivers Licence
  • Payment
  • A copy of your club membership card (if you are applying for a competition licence)

 Step 5. Enter your Event

Once you have completed the four steps above and have received your Licence in the mail you are ready to enter into events.

View the EVENT CALENDAR to sign-up for your first event!






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