Final Girls Only Track Day icing on the cake

FOUR Girls On Track Days have just been announced for next year at Broadford’s State Motorcycle Sports Complex.

FOR Girls Only Track Day participants, Fran Heath and Sera Williamson, the final GOTD for the year at the State Motorcycle Sports Complex at Broadford in October was the icing on the cake as both got the chance thanks to Shannons to learn from one of the best riders in the business: 2 x Isle of Man TT winner, Cameron Donald.

For Sera, the final GOTD in October was “the icing on the cake” during a big year of learning. “I have valued every Girls Only Track Day this year. It has given me the space and practice to go to other ride days knowing what I need, what to do, and how to do it,” Sera said. “The vibe is very unique and I will take away some very special friendships because of them,” she added.

“It was a very big year of learning. Coming off and getting back on the bike, changing-up bikes and rebuilding my confidence were things that I focused on this year. Having the opportunity to talk to Cameron about all this really gave me some great insight from an expert perspective,” Sera added.

For Fran, this year’s GOTDs were amazing and receiving tutelage from a road racing star like Cameron Donald was priceless. “Following Cam around corners was amazing. It opened up my eyes about how much track I had been wasting, which made my laps much smoother, and at one stage I was like: ‘Wow, this is actually me riding!’” Fran exclaimed.

“I’ve always been pretty hard on myself and my riding but having Cam say: ‘Hey, you’re actually doing pretty OK!’ That made me feel like a million bucks but most importantly, I had so much fun!” Fran added.

Four rebranded Girls On Track Days proudly supported by Shannons are planned at the State Motorcycle Sports Complex at Broadford next year:

Saturday, January 29
Sunday, March 19
Saturday, June 3
Sunday, October 1

“I am so motivated and excited for the 2017 Girls On Track Days! I have friends who I am trying to convince to come and try it. It’s such a good environment to learn in and I know that they would love it,” Fran said.

“I think that as soon as someone says ‘track’ people have the expectation that they need to be a certain level of rider and that can be daunting. That’s not the case at all for GOTDs; it’s so suited to all riding abilities and is just so much fun. I would recommend it no matter what your level of riding,” Fran added.

Both Sera and Fran would like to thank Shannons Insurance for providing them the opportunity to work with Cameron Donald and Motorcycling Victoria’s Peta Thomas for organising the GOTDs.

“I actually don’t think I can thank Belinda Douglas and the team at Shannons Insurance enough for this opportunity. I don’t think I could have dreamt that I would ever have the chance to do something like this,” Fran, who would like to also thank Georgia, Lily and Michael for being her amazing pit crew, added.

Motorcycling Victoria are proud that once again Shannons Insurance and Kawasaki will be back on board for the Girls On Track Days in 2017.



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