Elite Rider Training Camp Guest: Cam Donald

MV's 2016 Elite Rider Training Camp attendees.

Riders of MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp were treated to a special guest presenter on Day 2: Isle of Man TT winner Cam Donald.

THE ten riders currently attending MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp at the Melbourne Parkview Hotel were treated to a special guest presenter earlier this morning (Day2) in the form of Isle of Man TT winner, Cam Donald.

We were extremely lucky to get Cam on board, with a big thank you to Shannons who came on board as a sponsor for this years Camp.

Cam flew out for Sepang late last week to race (finishing with one win and a second) before returning to Melbourne only yesterday and then coming to chat to the young riders at 10am this morning.

He spoke about the mentality a rider should have when travelling overseas for competition and spoke of his experiences throughout the years, passing on plenty of knowledge to the ten riders.

At the end of the day the riders were asked what was the one thing they took away from Cam’s presentation and it was pretty similar across all ten of them –

Ben Bramich: “Cam’s talk was important and it showed me that you should always be humble and be very appreciative of my sponsors.”

Iilish Ross: “Cam’s talked showed me that winning isn’t everything, it’s all about being a complete person. He also led by example setting a positive attitude towards life and being humble.”

Chris Wynd: “Cam Donald spoke to us about the importance of self image and how you act at a race and how you present yourself in front of major companies in and around the track.”

Brock Healey: “Cam came in to talk about being nicer off the track and to respect the people and sponsors that are around.”

James Davies: “I really liked how Cam talked about the different attitudes of riders and how their attitude affects their career.”

Jai Constantinou: “I learnt how important personal brand is in regards to how people and sponsors view you.”

Breanna Simpson: “I learnt just how important it is to always keep a positive and respectful image on and off the bike.”

Samantha Beecroft: “Cam showed how we need to stay down to earth, otherwise no one wants to know you or to help you if needed.”

Emilee Lewis: “I took away the most from how Cam can keep a positive mind even through injury.”

Trent Tucci: “From Cam today I learnt that no matter what happens on race day learn from it and turn it into a positive.”

Belinda Douglas from Shannons was also on hand and she provided an insight into Cam as a person that backed up everything that he had been telling the riders, showing that he himself was the proof to what he was saying to them.

We can’t thank Shannons enough for their support at this year’s MV Elite Rider Training Camp and we also extend a big thank you to Cam Donald for taking the time to speak to the riders this morning in and around his travel and racing overseas, it’s greatly appreciated!

Mark Vallance
Sport & Rider Development Manager

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