Elite Rider Training Camp: So It Ends

Riders of the 2016 Elite Rider Training Camp with Lee Hogan (centre with cap on).

ON the final day of MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp the riders learnt about Sponsorship and the Media and had another gruelling fitness session.

ON the final day of MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp the riders learnt about Sponsorship and the Media and had another gruelling fitness session.

With a fairly consistent rain about, the fitness training happened in the downstairs carpark of the Melbourne Parkview Hotel, a move that earned us many confused looks from hotel staff members as they arrived for work.

“It’s been great having Stephen back helping us out with the fitness training for the Camp,” MV Sport & Rider Development Manager Mark Vallance said.

“Just like the previous couple of times he has done this for us, he has left the riders with priceless information on how to better themselves physically.”

The riders then spent the day with Lee Hogan as their lecturer, discussing Sponsorship and Media. Lee brough along Glyn Griffiths (Honda Australia National Manager, Brands and Motorsport) to assist him in the sponsorship lecture.

“We thank Glyn for taking the time out of his schedule to come along with Lee today. For the riders to hear from someone in the industry who receives sponsorship proposals regularly really helps them understand what they need to include for the best chance of success,” Mark said.

After lunch the discussion moved onto Media and Lee explained to the riders how to act during an interview, and to give them some hands-on education, he brought in Brendan Bell of MXTV.

“Having Brendan there filming an interview between the riders (individually) and Lee was great experience for them all. The feedback from Lee and the practical experience gave them more information than a simple lecture could have done,” Mark said.

“I’d like to thank both Brendan for his time during the afternoon and Lee for spending the day with the riders and sharing some of his contacts with them! It really is priceless having people within the industry coming and sharing their knowledge with the up-and-coming riders.”

MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp has now wrapped up and Motorcycling Victoria would like to thank Stephen Mion, Lee Hogan, Cam Donald, Belinda Douglas from Shannons, Glyn Griffiths, Brendan Bell and the Melbourne Parkview Hotel for their time and efforts throughout the past three days.

“I couldn’t have put this Camp together and got it to work as well as it has without the help of the guest presenters, the Melbourne Parkview Hotel, Shannons for jumping on board as a sponsor and Chris Gray and Peta Thomas for their efforts supervising the riders throughout the three days.”

Congratulations to the riders on getting through the three days and we hope that you took in as much information as you could and had a great time whilst attending the Camp!

Now, let’s hear from the riders themselves – the question, what were the main couple of things you learnt from this Elite Rider Training Camp?

James Davies: “I have learned that I came to learn, the things to do with fitness and nutrition. It is unbelievable how much of a difference this will make in my racing. The people I have met are unbelievable, everyone got on great with one another. I was a bit nervous not knowing many people but everyone was great.”

Chris Wynd: “I learnt that in order for your body to work at its best you need to drink 6-8L of water throughout a race day and that by carb-loading a week before an event will give you sustained energy.”

Ben Bramich: “I learnt that the effort in creating a sponsorship proposal is huge, the companies don’t just look at results. The nutrition is extremely important and preparation is key because it is your energy throughout the day.”

Jai Constantinou: “I was amazed by all the different aspects to motorsports as I didn’t have much of a previous understanding. I also learnt how a number of different things matter when it comes to sponsorship proposals.”

Emilee Lewis: “With the Camp I learnt a lot about the fitness aspect of motocross and how much it can impact your performance. Also, using massage rollers before a race can help a lot with performance, allowing your muscles to work better.”

Breanna Simpson: “The most valuable thing I’ve taken away from this Camp is just how important preparation is going into races – preparing fitness programs specific to riding, nutrition for the sport etc.. I also learnt how important prehab is and how stretching, warming up and cooling down is just as important as training.”

Samantha Beecroft: “Throughout the Camp I learnt how important prehab is and how it can prevent serious injuries. I also learnt how important preparation is – if you prepare, you won’t fail.”

Brock Healey: “I learnt that the foam rollers help you to recover and that I need to stretch before riding and training.”

Trent Tucci: “I learnt that preparation for races isn’t just a couple of days before the race but needs planning a fair way out. I also learnt about how to approach sponsorship deals and offers.”

Mark Vallance
Sport & Rider Development Manager

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