Elite Rider Training Camp: Ryley Oakes

Ryley Oakes in action at the VORC (Image Credit: Supplied).

Ryley Oakes is eager to take part in this year’s Elite Rider Training Camp at the Parkview Hotel in Melbourne.

WITH Motorcycling Victoria’s Elite Rider Training Camp just over a month away, riders are eagerly awaiting the chance to hear those off-bike tips and tricks that will get them closer to their goals. One of those riders is Ryley Oakes.

MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp is due to take place on July 10-12 at the Melbourne Parkview Hotel, a place and setting Ryley knows well.

“I attended the Elite Rider Training Camp in 2015 and am very happy that I got selected to attend again in 2017,” Ryley said.

“This time around I’m hoping to be able to train myself harder and definitely be able to do the training exercises without any changes.”

The enduro-focused young rider is currently competing in the U19A Grade class in the Victorian Off Road Championships (VORC) and the Dandenong Motorcycle Club Off Road Championships, completing all rounds so far in 2017.

At Rawson comprising of Rounds 1 & 2 of the VORC, he finished 12th and 6th respectively, “I had some mechanical issues in round 1 but picked up a bit in round 2,” Ryley said.

He has also completed Three Bridges (Rounds 3 & 4 of the VORC), finishing 5th for both rounds there and Pakenham (Round 5 of the VORC), finishing 9th at the single round there.

“For the remainder of 2017 I want to set faster times and get fitter, ready for next year where (in 2018) I hope to podium in my class and move up to Expert rank.”

Having attended the Elite Rider Training Camp in 2015, Ryley is looking forward to picking up on some of the things he may have missed back then and also hearing some of the new ideas and techniques that could see him reach those goals for the rest of this year and into next year.

“I am hoping to get different training techniques and different ways to prepare for racing,” Ryley said.

“I’m also wanting to learn more about sponsorship, it’s something that I struggle with; dealing with sponsors and the social media aspect of it.”

You can follow Ryley’s racing by heading on over to his Facebook Page – Ryley Oakes Racing:

MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp is taking place on July 10-12 at the Melbourne Parkview Hotel, you can follow the Camp by liking the MV Elite Training Camp Facebook Page:

For more information on the Parkview Hotel please head to their website:

Mark Vallance
Sport & Rider Development Manager

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