Elite Rider Training Camp: Day Two

MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp riders were taught about Officials/Rules/Flags, various styles of Coaches, Sports Psychology, and Social Media.

THROUGHOUT Day Two of MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp the ten riders in attendance were taught about Officials/Rules/Flags, various styles of Coaches, Sports Psychology, Social Media and a special guest presenter in the form of Cam Donald.

Cam spoke about rider mentality and his experiences over the years while competing overseas.

The day, however, started off with another visit from Stephen Mion for another gruelling morning training session with the riders really put through the wringer once again.

The riders backed up a tough training session yesterday morning with an even tougher one today as Steve brought out some different equipment and focused on anaerobic and strength exercises to really push our riders to their limit.

With the focus also being on recovery from training/riding yesterday, Ben Bramich saw the positives of it straight out of the gate today. “Today really showed how important recovery is,” Ben said.

Iilish Ross had the same thoughts saying: “That warm up and cool down before/after each session is just as important as the actual training.”

After the presentation from Isle of Man TT winner Cam Donald, Chris Gray took the reins and led them through things that every rider should know regarding motorcycle sport: the rules.

“Learning the GCRs are important, it’s good to know all the rules in your discipline in case something happens during a race,” Iilish said.

Chris then took the discussion down a Sports Psychology path, explaining to the riders how to focus on the good and not the bad, or how to relax at the start line and the next corner.

The talk about different coaching styles had the riders thinking about whether the coach made all the decisions for the rider or if there was split decision making or if the coach left it entirely up to the rider and which was best for them.

Chris also mentioned the dangers of Social Media from a career perspective and how riders should be really vigilant with what they are putting on social media and what they are allowing to be put on their social media.

This topic also mixed in with Sport Psychology and using social media, or phones in general, while at events.

The third and final day of MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp will focus on Sponsorship, Media and Professional Development with Lee Hogan leading the way, plus a couple of extra guests!

Mark Vallance
Sport & Rider Development Manager

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