Elite Rider Training Camp: Day 1

EIGHT up-and-coming riders were put through their paces on Day 1 of MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp.

EIGHT up-and-coming Victorian riders arrived at the Parkview Hotel bright and early on Monday, September 21, ready to get into the 2015 version of the MV Elite Rider Training Camp.

Throughout Day 1 the riders were taught about Nutrition, Drugs in Sport, Fitness/Training Techniques and also about Injury Prevention by Stephen Mion of Bulleen Health & Fitness and  FitMoto.

To start the day, however, the riders were put through a tough Boot Camp-style training session, next to Albert Park Lake, by Stephen that put them through the ringer early.

“I thought that the training was great,” Josh Major said. “It really helped me work out what I have to start doing with my fitness training for my racing, I’m looking forward to the next day’s training sessions.”

Moving on from the training session, Stephen and the riders returned to the Parkview Hotel where the lecture sessions would begin.

Nutrition was something coming into the MV Elite Rider Training Camp that most of the riders noted down as something they really wanted to improve their knowledge on while they were here. After a solid two hour session talking about nutrition Stephen had given them plenty of knowledge to take away.

“With food and nutrition you really need to know what you are eating, not just before a race but also during and after because they can both affect how you perform.”

After the lengthy nutrition lecture, everyone moved their attention to Drugs in Sport which prompted some great discussion between the riders and Stephen when it came to what they may or may not be able to have and the drug testing processes.

The last couple of lectures for the day focused on various fitness/training techniques that are important for motorcycle sport riders and also injury prevention, important for any athlete in any sport.

“With all of the stretching that you do, you need to know which stretches to do when, whether or not it is before a race or after a race.”

“From the injury prevention lecture, it really re-enforced that if you do get an injury that you need to let it heal before you go and ride again. Sometimes rest is the best way to do that.”

During Day 2 of the MV Elite Rider Training Camp the riders will once again be sent out to Albert Park Lake for a training session, then they will be lectured through Officials, Coaching Styles and Sport Psychology. After the lectures they will have some free time to look forward to with a trip to the Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre (MSAC).

– Mark Vallance
Operations & Events Manager

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