Elite Rider Training Camp: Day 1 Rider Recap

The MV Elite Rider Training Camp kicked off this morning, bright and early at 7am, with eight up-and-coming riders ready to learn some off-bike tips and tricks to help them step up their riding.

The Training Camp is taking place at the Melbourne Parkview Hotel today, tomorrow and Wednesday.

Today, the Training Camp covered topics including –

  • Nutrition,
  • Drugs in Sport,
  • Injury Prevention/Rehabbing and,
  • Training Techniques.

We asked the riders to list five things that they learnt from today, here’s what they said –

Lochie Amos

  1. Learnt how important prehab/rehab is to riding,
  2. Learnt how to do exercises that relate to riding,
  3. Learnt how much drugs can affect your career,
  4. Learnt how important eating the right foods are and,
  5. Learnt how core strength comes into play.

Emilee Lewis

  1. Learnt I can’t jog, I run,
  2. Learnt that fitness sessions can be altered around any injury,
  3. Learnt how to write up a nutrition plan,
  4. Learnt the importance of checking ASADA and WADA and,
  5. Learnt how to write up a training plan.

Ryley Oakes

  1. Learnt about motivation,
  2. Learnt about training techniques,
  3. Learnt about food,
  4. Learnt about preparation and,
  5. Learnt about drugs.

Nick Graham

  1. Learnt about how you need 6L of hydration – half water, half electrolytes,
  2. Learnt about the different things ASADA and WADA do,
  3. Learnt about carb-loading,
  4. Learnt about different muscles and,
  5. Learnt about simple carbs and complex carbs.

Jake Gogol

  1. Learnt about nutrition, what’s good to eat before and after races and rides,
  2. Learnt about different types of bodily functions that you can train (e.g. Core, Lower Body, Upper Body),
  3. Learnt about aerobic and anaerobic systems,
  4. Learnt that ice-baths could be good for the body if competing in long races and,
  5. Learnt about ASADA and checking what drugs are legal/illegal.

Kasey Major

  1. Learnt that nutrition is very important to racing,
  2. Learnt that you should drink 4L a day, if a race day then 6L,
  3. Learnt that anaerobic is without oxygen,
  4. Learnt that aerobic is with oxygen and,
  5. Learnt that good proteins include nuts, steak and protein shakes and the most important things to eat are grains and bread.

Alisha Major

  1. Learnt about drugs in sport,
  2. Learnt about nutrition,
  3. Learnt about fitness and exercises,
  4. Learnt about the food to eat before, during and after a race and,
  5. Learnt what a weekly diet plan should look like.

Chloe Miles

  1. Learnt that anaerobic is without oxygen and brings lactic acid,
  2. Learnt about meal plans and having more protein at the start of the week then more carbs, then more protein,
  3. Learnt about drug testing,
  4. Learnt that the four main workouts are cardio, core, lower body and upper body and,
  5. Learnt that injury prevention is about warming your muscles up right.

Day Two of the MV Elite Rider Training Camp is up tomorrow and the athletes will learn a bit more about the rules of the sport, various coaching techniques and touch on sport psychology.

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