Elite Rider Training Camp: Chris Wynd

Chris Wynd is looking forward to MV's Elite Rider Training Camp.

Chris Wynd is just one rider looking forward to MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp taking place on September 19-21.

WITH Motorcycling Victoria’s Elite Rider Training Camp just two weeks away, riders are eagerly awaiting the chance to hear those off-bike tips and tricks that will get them closer to their goals. One of those riders is Christopher Wynd.

The enduro focused rider has competed in the U19 A Grade class in the Victorian Off-Road Championships, completed a few rounds in the Australian Off-Road Championships, and has also made the trip up north for the Hattah Desert Race.

“I’m really happy with how things have gone in the VORC so far,” Chris said.

“It is my first year in seniors and it is an extremely competitive class, to be sitting mid field has boosted my confidence and shown me what I’m capable of.”

His first year in the senior ranks for the Hattah Desert Race also showed him a chink in his armour when it comes to the bigger events and shows he is a young rider who is always thinking of where his next improvement could come from.

“I was shocked with how different the racing atmosphere was and how different the terrain was over the senior loop. I went in with a goal of finishing in the top 100 (of close to 400 riders) and was on track to get there until the final lap where I started to lose energy rapidly, I finished 105th outright.

“This really showed me where I’m strong and where my weak points are and therefore showed me what I needed to work on and improve.”

To try and get to that improvement, Chris also raced the annual Farmers 6hr Pony Express (partnered with Tegan Hall) and the Golden Beach 6hr Pony Express (partnered with Trent Robinson).

With the additional riding and expected improvement over the course of the year, Chris has his sights set on a top 80 finish for the Hattah Desert Race next year and can’t wait to get to the Camp to gather more knowledge and ideas for his racing.

“I’m extremely keen to head to the MV Elite Rider Training Camp because I know I will learn vital skills needed to improve my physical training, mental training and dietary requirements in order for me to reach my goals heading into the future,” Chris said.

“I hope to walk out of the three day Camp with a better understanding of what is going to be most beneficial for me and my body and what I can do to increase my fitness and diet because they are where I struggle when it comes to racing.

“I can’t wait to get there and start the next chapter of my racing.”

The MV Elite Rider Training Camp takes place at the Melbourne Parkview Hotel from September 19-21.

You’ll be able to follow all the news and images from the Camp via MV’s Elite Training Camp Facebook Page.

Mark Vallance
Sport & Rider Development Manager

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