Come & Try Days: Best way to kick-start clubs

A participant at the Harley Club of Victoria's Come & Try Day at Broadford last Sunday, January 29 (Image Credit: Harley Club of Victoria).

APPROX. 120 riders attended the Harley Club of Victoria’s first Come & Try Day for 2017 at Broadford on Sunday, January 29.

APPROXIMATELY 120 riders attended the Harley Club of Victoria’s first Come & Try Day for 2017 at the State Motorcycle Sports Complex at Broadford on Sunday, January 29.

Come & Try Days are an excellent opportunity for your club to attract new riders and increase the club’s membership-base. It’s a fantastic chance to attend a day at a club so as to get familiar with your bike in your chosen discipline of motorcycle sport.

“Our first Come and Try Day for 2017 was once again very successful with just under 120 riders attending.  We held our first C&T Day back in 2012, and promoted it heavily by sending flyers to bike shops within a 100 kilometre radius of the SMSC at Broadford, where we hold our events, and also got Motorcycling Victoria to help promote the day,” Richard Loft, President of the Harley Club of Victoria, said.

“Since 2012, we have hosted one at the beginning of each year, and they have always been well subscribed as we have always put the work in advertising them. These days, times have changed for us, our Facebook Page is well subscribed so that’s really all the promotion we need,” Richard added.

Richard says the opportunity to host up to two of these Come & Try Days with the full support of Motorcycling Victoria is second-to-none.

“With no permit fees or rider levies payable to MV for the club, plus free day licenses for riders, it enables HCV to pass these savings onto new riders making it a cheap introduction to motorcycle sport,” Richard continued.

Come & Try Days also provide the opportunity for newcomers who have never had an MA licence before to receive a free $130 Annual Mini (for junior riders) or Recreational licence (for senior riders).

Have no idea on how to host a Come & Try Day? Please read our very helpful how-to guide here: Club Case Study: How to host a Come & Try Day.

“Hosting C&T Days is an opportunity that every club and every rider can benefit from. It has been instrumental in building our club numbers for years. We have found that it is the best way to kick-start the year for our club for sure,” Richard added.

Please register your club’s interest in hosting a Come & Try Day this year by emailing Motorcycling Victoria at



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