Motorcycling Victoria is here to help affiliated Clubs in any way that it can to make your Club run smoothly.

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ANY motorcycle club or private promoter wishing to conduct a Motorcycling Victoria or Motorcycling Australia permitted event in Victoria must be affiliated with MV.

Affiliation with Motorcycling Victoria is done on an annual basis with the fees for affiliation dependent on the number of club members.

The benefits of Affiliation include:

  • The right to appoint two delegates to attend and vote at the MV Annual General Meeting;
  • The right to appoint two delegates to attend the MV General Meeting’s on behalf of your club;
  • The right to have your club delegate/s to apply for a position on the MV Board; and
  • The right to conduct an MV permitted event.

If you would like further information on Club Affiliation, please contact MV via

Affiliations are renewed each year and are due by the end of July every year and the Affiliation Form can be found on the “Forms” page of the MV website –


Each permanent race venue in Victoria, that is used by an affiliated club, needs to be issued with a Track Licence before any events can take place at the venue.

Each venue must be inspected annually by one of Motorcycling Victoria’s licensed Venue Inspectors.

In order for a venue to be licensed, a club must apply for a Track Licence by completing a Track Licence Application Form.

Once returned to Motorcycling Victoria, we will arrange for a Venue Inspector to visit your venue to complete the inspection.

If you require any more information please contact MV on

The Track Licence Application Form, as well as the downloadable Track Guidelines, are available on the “Forms” page of the MV website.


To conduct any meeting in Victoria you will be required to apply to Motorcycling Victoria for a Permit. It is important to remember that simply applying for and paying for a Permit does not give you permission to conduct an event. An event may only be conducted once you have received the Permit from Motorcycling Victoria. This Permit must be displayed at your event.

Below we will attempt to answer all the questions you have regarding Permits. If you have any further questions, please contact MV’s Administration Manager on Both the Competition Permit Application Form and Non-Competition Permit Application Form are available on the “Forms” page of the MV website.


A Permit is issued to a club or private promoter as permission to conduct a motorcycling event.


All affiliated motorcycle clubs are required to have a Permit for each event they conduct. A Permit is needed to ensure the event is conducted under MV/MA rules and regulations. A Permit also ensures riders are covered under the Motorcycling Australia Insurance Policy.


The type of Permit you need is dependent on the type of event you wish to conduct.

There are different Permits for Open, Interclub and Club competitive events, as well as Permits for non-competitive events such as Practice Days and Ride Days. Permits must also be issued for any Coaching that takes place for the Junior Coaching Program.

If you are unsure on the type of Permit you need, please contact MV’s Administration Manager via


This will all depend on the type of Permit you are applying for. View the Permit Fees attached to the Permit Application.


The ‘Bulk Permit’ System has been designed for clubs which wish to open on a regular weekly or bi-weekly basis. The system is based on buying permits in bulk and paying in advance on a quarterly basis. The cost of these ‘Bulk Permits’ is significantly cheaper and is worked out using a formula based on the number of club members you have.

For further information on “Bulk Permits” please contact the MV Administration Manager via


Motorcycling Victoria Come & Try Days are a fantastic way for people new to the sport to get out there and give motorcycle sport a go!

Clubs all around Victoria run these days with experienced teams of officials, coaches and volunteers so that people can be welcomed into the sport in a safe and fun environment.

Motorcycling Victoria Come & Try Days also allow any participant to be eligible* to claim a free Motorcycling Australia Mini or Recreational Licence, valued at $130.

The licence is valid for 3 months from the date of issue and insures riders for participating in the sport, allowing them greater access to our venues and our events.

*Person participating must never have held a MA/MV licence before.

Click here to see what clubs are holding a Come & Try Day and when –


The Club Development Manual has been created to assist club committee members in complete their duties and ensure they are following MV/MA rules and regulations when running events. All the information that a club committee person may require is included in this document and it is updated annually to ensure its correctness.

Click here for the Club Development Manual


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