Breanna Simpson: Elite Rider Training Camp

Breanna Simpson.

WITH MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp starting on Monday, Breanna Simpson is looking forward to acquiring tips that will help get her better prepared going into races.

One rider who is looking forward to the Elite Rider Training Camp next week, albeit with an injury cloud, is Breanna Simpson, a young rider who loves competing in the tough and gruelling enduro events.

Breanna has competed in a number of Pony Express events, a number of which have been in the Ironman class, as well as also taking part in the Hattah and Finke Desert Races.

“I’ve competed in the Swan Hill MCC Boundary Bend Enduro, the Diamond Valley MCC Wedderburn Pony Express, and the North West Victorian MCC 6-hour Pony Express,” Breanna said.

“I also took part in the Finke Desert Race and the Hattah Desert Race. One of my main aims for 2016 was to finish and survive the Finke Desert Race in the top 200. I finished 180th overall and I was the fifth woman to cross the line, which I am very proud of.”

She has had to re-evaluate her plans and goals for 2017, however, after suffering a terrible spine injury, fracturing it in a number of places.

That hasn’t stopped her from making sure she lays the ground work for a strong return to the bike and she hopes that the Elite Rider Training Camp will provide her with the additional off-bike knowledge to come back better than ever.

“Because I’ve recently fractured my spine my goal for 2017 is to fully recover and hopefully be able to ride the Finke and Hattah Desert Races once again. My priority though is to make sure I’m 100% recovered from this injury before riding again.”

How to prevent injuries, and how to get the most out of your body for the sport, are just a couple of topics that will be covered during the Elite Rider Training Camp next week, with Stephen Mion of FitMoto and Bulleen Health & Fitness once more on board to lead that side of the Camp.

“I’m really looking forward to developing my understanding of different techniques and fitness strategies, nutrition and the psychology behind racing,” she added.

“I’m hoping to be able to walk away from the camp with knowledge and relevant tips and tricks that will help me be better prepared and more confident going into races and to be able apply what I’ve learnt into my riding to help me achieve better results at races,” Breanna added.

The Elite Rider Training Camp takes place at the Parkview Hotel in Melbourne from September 19 – 21.

You can follow the progress of the Elite Rider Training Camp by liking MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp Facebook Page.



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