‘Camp is about all-round sportsmanship’

Samantha Beecroft.

FOR Samantha Beecroft, the Elite Rider Training Camp is about the total package so athletes can achieve all-round sportsmanship.

SAMANTHA Beecroft is making a return to MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp after taking part in it last year. 

Samantha is right at the pointy end of her schooling life where she is currently completing Year 12, which means exams, SACS and plenty of study.

Even with that, however, she has still managed to take part in a number of events, taking part in every round of the Victorian Senior Motocross Championships and the Northern Region Motocross Series.

“I finished 2nd in the Ladies Clubman class to start off the year at the Shipwreck Coast 2 Day Open; finished 1st in the Ladies class at the Northern Region MX Series, and finished 5th in the ladies clubman at the Victorian Senior MX Championships,” Samantha said.

“My fitness and training has been reduced a bit this year due to completing Year 12. The plan was to keep the skills up this year and give it a real good go again next year,” she added.

After attending the Elite Rider Training Camp last year, Samantha is excited to build on lessons learned from then and also work her way into training and coaching of juniors.

“I’m interested in doing some training of juniors and to get more girls into the sport. I hope to be able to do the Level 1 Coaching Course next time it’s run,” Samantha continued.

“I’m super excited about the Training Camp, I’ll be building on what I learnt last year and those building blocks are getting stronger,” she said.

For those riders who are new to the Elite Rider Training Camp, or are thinking of showing interest in it in the future, Samantha has this bit of advice:

“The most valuable thing that the Training Camp offers is the broad range of subjects it covers so the athlete can achieve all-round sportsmanship, not just being fast on the track. It’s about the total package,” Samantha added.

MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp is taking place at the Parkview Hotel from Monday, September 19  to Wednesday, September 21.

You can follow what the riders are doing via the MV Elite Rider Training Camp Facebook Page.

Mark Vallance
Sport & Rider Development Manager

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