Elite Rider Training Camp: Rider Recap Day 2

The MV Elite Rider Training Camp moved into its second day with the athletes up before the sun and out next to Albert Park Lake for a couple of hours of fitness training with a returning Steve Mion.

The Training Camp is taking place at the Melbourne Parkview Hotel yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Today, the Training Camp covered topics including –

  • Officials,
  • Rules,
  • Coaching Styles and,
  • Psychology.

Once again we asked the riders to list five things that they learnt from today, here’s what they said –

Lochie Amos

  1. Learnt how important social media is when it comes to sponsors etc.,
  2. Learnt how usable the TRX web trainer is,
  3. Learnt about commitment, concentration and confidence and how much they help,
  4. Learnt that you need different trainers at different points of time and,
  5. Learnt how the flags work across disciplines.

Emilee Lewis

  1. Learnt about the importance of psychology,
  2. Learnt more about the Enduro discipline,
  3. Learnt information on coaching,
  4. Learnt how to properly understand the MoMS and,
  5. Learnt how to use a TRX.

Ryley Oakes

  1. Learnt about mentality,
  2. Learnt about the four C’s,
  3. Learnt about social media,
  4. Learnt about the rules and,
  5. Learnt how to read the MoMS correctly.

Nick Graham

  1. Learnt how to use a web trainer,
  2. Learnt how to use the fitness ropes,
  3. Learnt about social media use,
  4. Learnt about flags and rules and,
  5. Learnt about psychology for racing and being prepared.

Jake Gogol

  1. Learnt about how social networking plays a big part in the sport,
  2. Learnt how important it is to know the rules,
  3. Learnt more about the flags in the MX discipline,
  4. Learnt that there are many different coaching styles and,
  5. Learnt how to use a TRX.

Kasey Major

  1. Learnt about social media and racing,
  2. Learnt about the four C’s and how it can help us with racing,
  3. Learnt about the flags and officials,
  4. Learnt about reading through the rules and,
  5. Learnt how a TRX can help us.

Alisha Major

  1. Learnt about the four C’s,
  2. Learnt about coaching information,
  3. Learnt about the history of Ryan Villopoto,
  4. Learnt a little bit about sponsorship and,
  5. Learnt about flags.

Chloe Miles

  1. Learnt about the four C’s,
  2. Learnt about having a plan “b” in the back of your mind,
  3. Learnt about being careful on social media,
  4. Learnt that sponsors generally already know things about you from social media and,
  5. Learnt about the flags in different disciplines.

The third and final day of the MV Elite Rider Training Camp is up tomorrow and the athletes will learn a bit more about sponsorship and will also cover the media as a topic, Lee Hogan will be the guest presenter.

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