Working with Children Check

IN 2006, the Victorian Government introduced a new checking system to help protect children under 18 years of age from physical or sexual harm.

The Working with Children (WWC) Check creates a mandatory minimum checking standard across Victoria. The WWC Check helps to keep children safe by preventing those who pose a risk to the safety of children from working with them, in either paid or volunteer work.

If you work or volunteer with children you may need to apply for a WWC Check. Employers, volunteer organisations and agencies must ensure that any of their staff or volunteers who need a WWC Check have applied by the due date.

The WWC Check is being phased in over five years. If you need a WWC Check, you must apply by the due date for your field of child-related work.

All MV Coaches and selected Officials (Steward/Referee and Clerk of Course) must apply for a WWC Check from 1 July 2009.

Before applying for a Working with Children (WWC) Check, you need to:

  1. Determine whether you need a WWC Check.
  2. Find out when you need to apply.
  3. Before the deadline for your occupational field, complete your application form and lodge it at a participating Australia Post outlet with your original identification documents and your passport-size photograph. If you undertake paid ‘child-related work’, you will also be required to pay the application fee at this time.

The following steps will be undertaken to process your application:

  • proof of identity check
  • national police records check
  • professional disciplinary body check (currently only the Victorian Institute of Teaching and the out of home care Suitability Panel)
  • assessment of any criminal offences and/or findings from a professional disciplinary body
  • where required, the Department of Justice may seek further information from you or others
  • if an Interim Negative Notice is issued, you may lodge a submission explaining why you believe you should pass the Check, which will be considered by the department in assessing your application
  • decision and issue of Assessment Notice or Negative Notice
  • Negative Notices may be appealed to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

How to Apply

If you have determined that you are required to apply for a Working with Children (WWC) Check and your occupational field is currently being phased in, you need to:

1. Complete a WWC Check application form. Do not sign the form as you will need to do so when you lodge your application. Application forms are available from participating Australia Post outlets or by submitting the Application Forms Request form on this website.
2. Prepare your original identification documents.
3. Organise a passport-size photograph.
4. Take your completed application form, original identification documents, passport-size photograph and, unless you are a volunteer, the $77.80 application fee to a participating Australia Post outlet.

Lodging your application
At the Australia Post outlet, the attendant will photocopy your original identification documents. You need to sign the form and Application Receipt in front of the attendant.

The Application Receipt with a unique number will be given to you once it is signed and stamped. You need to keep the Application Receipt as evidence that you have submitted your application.

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