Samantha Beecroft: Elite Rider Training Camp

Samantha Beecroft is another rider who’s looking forward to the Elite Rider Training Camp in September.

SAMANTHA Beecroft is looking forward to attending the 2015 MV Elite Rider Training Camp after having some great results during the 2015 motocross season.

It didn’t all go to plan though, a persistent thumb injury which can flare up when Samantha races, as well as knee problems, and she was getting constant treatment throughout the year.

“I aimed high but due to an injury to a tendon in my thumb, I wasn’t able to perform to the best of my ability. I also struggled with knee pain but after getting knee braces and treatment the issue were resolved,” Samantha said.

The injury setbacks didn’t stop her, however, Samantha entered in as many races as she could throughout the 2015 season. She completed every round of the Victorian Senior Motocross Championships (competed in three classes) and the Northern Region Motocross Series (competed in two classes) and she also entered the two 2015 Australian Women’s Motocross Championships (two rounds).

She was very keen to get the year underway with plenty of enthusiasm, but at the same time nervous about mixing it with the big guys. However, the enthusiasm won out in the end.

“Being my first year as a senior in motocross, I wanted to try everything and put my name out there, it was a great experience,” she said.

Her highlights for the year include finishing first in the Ladies class and 26th in the C Lites at the Northern Region MX Series.

She also finished third in the Ladies Clubman class, fifth in the U19 C Grade, and 32nd in the C Lites at the Victorian Senior MX Championships.

Add to that a seventh-placing overall in the Australian Women’s MX Championship, which ran in conjunction with two rounds of the MX Nationals, and it’s been a pretty good year for Samantha.

She already, on occasion, gets coaching from Glenn Macdonald of MACA Coaching and has especially enjoyed the 3-day training camp he held at the start of the year, of which she has already booked in for the 2016 version of that. She is also planning on scheduling some regular coaching days with MACA Coaching.

She has an interest in MX-related fitness and is hoping to obtain a better understanding of the nutrition related to the sport and is hoping to extend her knowledge of other things associated with the sport through the 2015 MV Elite Rider Training Camp.

With the opportunity to recover from injuries and a plan to focus on off-bike training more this coming off-season, she believes that this year will prove to be a good prep year for next year.

“I am very excited about 2016 after having this year under my belt.”

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