If you are looking at getting a Rider Number for any discipline then please read on below.


To get a number for Classic Motocross riders need to contact committee member Alan Riha, details via

If the number you are after is taken, you will be told/sent a list of available numbers and can make your choice from there.


There are no registered numbers for Dirt Track. Numbers are allocated on a first come, first served basis when events are entered. Riders may need to change their numbers if someone has entered before them with the same number.


Rider Numbers for Enduro are done by the MV Enduro Committee via the website.

Pro and top 20 Expert riders are assigned a number based of their finishing position from the previous year. The rest can select their own number using the website mentioned above.

The site is set up that a rider enters their age, then picks their bike, then only the class’ eligible for that age and bike will show up. After picking their class it then allows them to pick a number for that class.

J1: 600 – 649
J2: 650 – 699
J3: 700-749
J4: 750 – 799
Clubman 1: 100 – 199
Clubman 2: 200 – 299
Clubman 3: 300 – 399
Pro: 1 – 25
Expert: 26 – 99


Rider Numbers for Motocross are done by the MVMX Committee, please follow this link for full information:

A Grade: 11-99
B Grade: 100-299
C Grade:  300-999
50cc: 11-999
Girls: 11-999

Junior numbers are based on age and grading. Please request a number suitable to your age and grading bracket.

A Grade: 11-249
B Grade: 250-499
C Grade: 500-999
Vets Over 35: v11-v999
Women: 11-999


Any enquiries for rider numbers for Quads should be made through the Quad Riders Club of Victoria.

Their contact details are available on our Club Directory page.

Pro Riders: 1-100
Intermediate: 101-200
Clubman: 300+
Vets, Ladies, Juniors: Any number available

At the time of request for numbers they ask for two preferences, so if the first choice is already allocated to another rider they can usually accommodate them with the second choice.


Rider Numbers for Road Racing are the responsibility of each promoter, and riders who inquire about the availability of a specific number are generally advised to check the results of their class on Computime to see which numbers are already in use.

If there are duplicate numbers entered a letter “A” is generally allocated to one of the riders.


To be confirmed.


No numbers are utilised for this discipline.



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