MX Rider Numbers to be released on Sept. 21

MX Rider Numbers for Senior B & C, and all junior grades will be released on Sept. 21. Senior A Grade Numbers will be released on Oct. 1.

MOTOCROSS Management wishes to advise riders who have been re-graded in Senior B & C, and all junior grades, that numbers will now be released on Monday, September 21, 2015.

Senior A grade numbers will not be available until Thursday, October 1.

It would  be appreciated that you understand that this person is a volunteer and attends to these matters in their spare time and to please let them do their job.

If you have completed the online application process for a number, please do not reapply and reapply again.  You will be contacted by them within the time-frame stated in your reply – 5 days.

This has been a very lengthy process for the numbers person for matters that are behind the scene and unknown to riders.

We would like to remind all riders that you must reconfirm your number and class when you renew your licence.  Please do not assume that if you have a number in one class that it is yours in another.

Riders whose licences have expired for more than 6 months automatically lose their rider numbers.

Riders using current seeded or allocated numbers in 2015 are entitled to complete the season of 2015 with their number.

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