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Motorcycling Victoria has created a number of documents that are designed to help people understand various processes and make things easier for Clubs and Members alike. All of these documents are available on the FORMS page of the MV website and the FAQ sheet can also be accessed in the top right corner of the homepage. There is also a number of pages on this website where you can find the information that you might be after very easily.

The majority of information that someone might require for this sport is already available on the MV website.

We have a Frequently Asked Questions Sheet that covers information about Officials, Coaches, Permits, Licences, Rider Levies, Licence Books and more.

There is a Permit Guide that should be used by Clubs when applying for permits to assist them in ensuring they have everything correct in regards to the rules and processes.

There is also a Club Development Manual that has information that is handy for all Club Committee Members to know in regards to this sport.

Information about Officials can be found simply by going to the Officials page on the website, this includes information about various Levels of Official, has a list of Level 3 & Level 4 Officials, information on courses and more.

Information about Coaching can be found simply by going to the Coaches page on the website, this includes information about various Levels of Coaches, has a list of Coaches, information on courses and more.

A copy of the Coaching Guidelines can also be found on the MV website which is there to assist coaches in ensuring they follow correct processes and rules.

There are “How-To Guides” in regards to renewing and applying for your licence using the RiderNet online system – How To Apply for Your Licence (RiderNet) & How To Renew Your Licence (RiderNet).

There is also a document on the website about How To Get a Club Membership (RiderNet).

For riders, there is information about Grading across all disciplines and when it is likely to occur each year. There is information about Rider Numbers for all disciplines and how riders go about getting their rider numbers. There is a complete rundown of various licence types for riders, found on the Licencing page of the website.

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