Suspension List

There are can be a number of reasons why Motorcycling Victoria may need to suspend the licence of a rider forĀ a period of time. These can include injury suspensions and/or judicial suspensions and/or disciplinary suspensions.

Any rider injured whilst competing in a Motorcycling Victoria permitted event that results in them directly (i.e. in an Ambulance from the track) or indirectly (i.e. by private car as known by the Event Steward, CoC or Secretary, even post event) attending hospital for injury treatment requires a Medical Clearance from a State Registered Medical Practitioner.

Furthermore the Event Steward via their report reserves the right to request a Medical Clearance on any rider they deem necessary after an incident, even if the rider doesn’t go directly to hospital on the day (i.e: refusal).

To view the currentĀ Suspension List, including Medical, simply click on the link below.

SuspendedRidersReport 21 June


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