Kick Start Coaching & Endorsements – Are You Doing it Right? Part 2

Motorcycling Victoria (MV) have introduced new ‘Coaching Event Report Forms’ (pictured below). This is an initiative put forward by the Motorcycling Victoria board of directors.

These forms are held in a carbon copy book that needs to be completed by the rider or the parent or guardian of the rider (if under 18 Years old) and also by the coach on the day.

It is important that before you sign in on the ‘Coaching Event Report Form’ that you have; read and understood the Participant Declaration – which is located on the inside front cover of the ‘Coaching Event Report Form’ carbon copy book and sighted the permit issued by MV for the day.

It is crucial that the rider (if over 18) or parent/guardian of the rider (if under 18 years old) completes the ‘Participant Sign-On’ section of the ‘Coaching Event Report Form’ prior to completing any activity.

Why do I need to sign this sheet?
You need to sign-on using this sheet because it enables you to be covered by Motorcycling Australia insurance. If you do not sign in on this sheet, MV have no record of your participation, so in the unlikely event that you are injured you may not be covered. MV also uses these forms when processing Kick Start Paperwork and Endorsements. If the rider of the requested Kick Start or Endorsement is not listed on the participant sign-on sheet then MV assumes that the application has been made using a permit number of an event that the rider did not attend, meaning that your Kick Start or Endorsement paperwork will be declined by MV and you will be asked to complete another coaching day.

If you have any questions in relation to this please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team on 03 5784 2827.


Image: ‘Coaching Event Report Form’ carbon copy book

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