MotorSafe Information

Motorcycling Victoria's MotorSafe Program was developed in 1998. The aim of the program is to develop a responsible and safe attitude towards motorcycle use amongst primary school children by educating them on aspects such as safety equipment and the law.

For the students who currently have access to a motorcycle, the program will teach them responsible use of their bikes. For those who do not own or ride motorcycles, we will provide them with a great opportunity to develop valuable safety skills whilst having fun.

School Visits

Included as part of the MotorSafe Program, your school will recieve a visist from a Motorcycling Victoria MotorSafe representative who will talk to the students about the importance of motorcycle safety. This fun-filled session will give the students an opportunity to get up close and personal with the saftey gear, a motorcycle, and possibly some riders from the local motorcycle club.

Each session runs for approximately one hour, with a maximum of 40 students per session, with a MotorSafe Pack provided.

MotorSafe Pack

As part of the MotoSafe Program each school that participates will receive a MotorSafe Pack.

The MotorSafe Pack contains the following items:

MotorSafe's Teacher's Manual is broken into three (3) separate modules:

-        Module 1: Part One: Children, Law and Motorcycles
-        Module 2: Part One: Motorcycle Skills
-        Module 2: Part Two: Safety and Riding Gear
-        Module 3: Part One: Mechanical Overview
-        Module 3: Part Two: Club Involvement - Procedures

Motorcycling Victoria Show Bag

As part of the program each participant will also receive a show bag. Inside the bag will be a children's activity book, which provides brief descriptions on each motorcycle discipline, and tells them where children can and cannot ride, information on safety gear and also fun activities to do at home. The show bag will also include motorcycling magazines and a few other goodies!

MotorSafe Participation Certificates

Each student that participates in the MotorSafe Program will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Parent's Pack

Each chil will take home in their show bag a Parent's Pack, which contains information on 'Mini Licence Sessions', FAQs and general information on Motorcycling Victoria.

Free Mini Licence

Each child who participates in the program is entitled to receive a free Mini Licence. A Mini Licence provides those people aged between 4-16 years of age, who are interested in motorcycling, the oppportunity to test out their skills and join in on the motorcycling action at recreational-level.

Mini Licence Sessions

After the MotorSafe representative has visited your school, a local motorcycle club will hold 'Mini Licence Sessions' at its track, for those students who received a free Mini Licence as part of the program. This is completely free for students and gives them a great opportunity to experience first-hand what motorcycle sport is all about, as well as the chance to ride their motorbikes on a proper track.

The sessions are held at a licensed venue where MV Accredited Coaches will be present to ensure a safe and structured environment. The day is designed to give children and parents an insight into motorcycle clubs and to also provide understanding on how motorcycling events are run.


The cost for the school is just $100.00 for the entire session, which includes a visit to your school, a safety presentation and all the extra goodies for the kids!


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