Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MotorSafe Program?

The MotorSafe Program was developed by Motorcycling Victoria to educate Primary School students in the areas of safety and responsibility when using a motorcycle. The MotorSafe program will educate children on the law, motorcycle skills, safety equipment and opportunities to join a sporting motorcycle club.

Who is the MotorSafe Program for?

MotorSafe is primarily aimed at primary school children, and is available for every primary school in Victoria.

What is involved in the MotorSafe Program?

There are a number of aspects to the MotorSafe Program. As part of the MotorSafe program each school will receive the MotorSafe Pack. Included in the pack are:

  • Teachers Resource Manual
  • Multimedia CD-Rom
  • Motorcycle Sport DVD 

Also included in the MotorSafe Program is a school visit. A Motorcycling Victoria’s MotorSafe representative will visit each school who takes on the MotorSafe Program to deliver a talk on motorcycle safety and responsibility.

To find out more about what is involved in the program click here.

How do I apply for the MotorSafe Program?

If you want the MotorSafe Program at your school, simply click on the form: Application for Dates. Alternatively you can call Motorcycling Victoria on 03 9673 0610 and talk to our MotorSafe representative, or email us at

What will the MotorSafe Program cost?

The cost of the MotorSafe program is only $100. This includes the MotorSafe Pack and the school visit by the MotorSafe representative. Certificates, press releases and support with the implementation of the program are also included in the cost.


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