The MotorSafe program is a fantastic way for students to learn safe riding practices, but don't just take our word for it. Here is what some teachers and students have said about the MotorSafe program. Read our latest testimonials:

"Excellent presentation, appropriate to their education needs." Betty Sherry, Coleraine Primary School

"It highlighted the safety gear and legal requirements which some children weren't aware of." Roland Wans, St Joseph's Primary School (Orbost)

"With 15 out of a possible 42 children owning motorbikes the MotorSafe Program was certainly beneficial for the children of St. Colman's. The children enjoyed the presentation and dressing up." St. Colman Primary School, Mortlake

"The children were thoroughly engaged. They learned new rules and were enthused to follow them." Ultima Primary School

"There was great interaction with the children of all age levels. Reinforcing appropriate road safety rules, including where to ride, was so important." Branxholme-Wallacedale Community School

"Very educational. The presenter was very engaging, and all the kids were very interested. They also really enjoyed receiving their certificate and activity bag at the end." Jeporit Primary School

"A brilliant presentation. The real deal! Excellent safety rules presented very clearly. It made it "cool" to abide by the rules." Cobden Primary School

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