Motorcycling Victoria Life Members

Over the years Motorcycling Victoria has awarded Life Membership to individuals who have had a key role in developing and growing the sport of motorcycling in Victoria.

Those who have had the honour of being awarded Life Membership are:


Darryl Hiddle

Life Members

John Armstrong
Neil Bowen
W.W. Brown
Mark Cadle
William Clough
John Coleman
J. Collard
Lloyd Crundwell
W. Davis
John Heaviside
Darryl Hiddle
Phil Hiddle
Geoff Lanigan
Robert McDonough
Maureen McKeown
Lorraine Macdonald
Ross Martin
G. Menielly
R.G. Peters
R.P. Reed
Alf Stanley
Doug Sunderland
L.J. Thomson
David White




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