Getting Started in Motorcycle Sport

Motorcycle sport is a fun, safe and enjoyable activity and getting involved is easy.

Our affiliated clubs are always on the lookout for new members. Our clubs are full of friendly and welcoming people who all share a passion for motorcycle sport.

Of course getting involved doesn't just involve riding. We are always on the lookout for more Officials and Coaches. If you are interested in becoming a Coach or Official you can find out more information by visiting the respective Officials and Coaching pages.

To get involved in the competitive side of motorcycle sport is easy and involved five simple steps. Below you will find the 5 Steps to Getting Started in Motorcycle Sport.

Step 1 - Join a Club

The first step in the process is to join an affiliated motorcycle club. Currently there are close to 80 affiliated motorcycle clubs in Victoria catering for all disciplines. There is bound to be one close to you.

For a complete list of all current affiliated motorcycle clubs please view our Club Directory.

Step 2 - Obtain a Licence Application Form

Once you have joined an affiliated motorcycle club you will need to obtain a Licence Application Form. This form must be signed and stamped by your Club Secretary.

You can download the Licence Application Form here or you can contact your Club Secretary who can fax or post one to you.

Step 3 - Coaching and Testing

This is where the process differs slightly depending on your age.

If you are a junior (7-U16) you must complete the Kick Start Program. The Kick Start Program requires you to undertake a minimum of five hours of coaching by an accredited Motorcycle Sport Coach. Click here for more information about the Kick Start Program.

If you are a senior (16 or above) you are required to complete the First Time Licence Test. The First Time Licence Test is a 25 question, multiple-choice theory test. The test is contained in the Getting Started in Motorcycle Sport booklet. Click here to download the booklet and test.

Alternatively, you can contact MV and we will post you a booklet in the mail.

Step 4 - Send Licence Application to MV

Once you have completed either the Kick Start Program or the First Time Licence Test, send in the necessary paperwork together with your Licence Application Form to MV. You must also include the following items with your application:

  • A copy of Birth Certificate (a copy of a Passport or Drivers Licence is sufficient if you do not have a copy of your Birth Certificate)
  • Payment

Step 5 - Enter your event

Once you have completed the four steps above and have received your Licence Card in the mail you are ready to enter into events. View the Event Calendar to sign-up for your event!


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