MotorSafe Come 'n' Try Days in March
March 05, 2013

Ballarat Rovers MCC is holding a MotorSafe Come 'n' Try Day on March 10 & Dandenong MCC's day is on March 23.

BALLARAT Rovers MCC is holding a MotorSafe Come ‘n’ Try Day this weekend, March 10 starting at 8.30am.

This is a great chance for any new kids to ride their bikes in a safe and controlled environment, participate in a MotorSafe Presentation and pick up a Free Mini Licence which entitles 4-16 year olds to 12 months recreational riding for free.

Dandenong MCC is also holding a MotorSafe Come ‘n’ Try Day on March 23 at Wonthaggi.

In conjunction with the day, the club is also running a Kick Start Day. This is a great opportunity for anyone who needs their 5 hours of coaching to go along, take part in the day and have their log books signed off! Minikhana activities and a MotorSafe Presentation will also be run and entry forms for the day can be found on their website.

Spots are now filling fast for clubs to host the MotorSafe Program in the second half of the year.

With Castlemaine MCC kicking off the first day of the year with over 70 kids attending their MotorSafe Come ‘n’ Try Day, it’s set to be a great year to be involved in the program. If you would like your club to be involved please contact Misty Walton on 03 9673 0610.


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