Motorcycle sport welcomes new faces
March 04, 2013

Motorcycle sport welcomed new faces at the first-ever National Come 'n' Try Day across Victoria on Saturday, March 2.

MOTORCYCLE sport grew on Saturday, March 2 when clubs around Victoria hosted the first-ever National Come ‘n’ Try Day, a joint initiative between Motorcycling Australia, and other State Controlling Bodies, to increase motorcycle sport.

33 clubs affiliated with Motorcycling Victoria welcomed eager new faces who tried out motorcycle sport for the first time, and took advantage of a free Come ‘n’ Try Day licence, which covered the cost of the day, a free Annual Recreational Licence and perfect weather.

Across Victoria, around 50 new riders took part at Castlemaine MCC, over 150 riders had fun at the Ravenswood circuit at the Bendigo MCC, and Central Vic Junior MC had around 60 brand new riders enjoy a well-prepared Toolleen circuit. At Barrabool around 100 riders took part in the day that was organised by Geelong MC. 

Broadford’s State Motorcycle Sports Complex was the epicentre of the day in Victoria, where eight clubs took part in activities on the dirt track, motocross track and road race circuit. Over 90 riders took part on the dirt track circuit, 70 on the road race circuit and over 90 at the motocross track.

President of the Harley Club of Victoria, Richard Loft, was ecstatic with the day: “It’s been great,” Richard said.

“It’s been good to get some new people involved. We’ve had around 20 new members and the free license offer for the Rec License and the license offer for the reduced Senior National and Junior National is going to dramatically reduce the ongoing costs for families to compete. It’s awesome,” Richard added.

John Orchard, president of the Mitchell Recreational Motorcycle Club and MV Board member, was likewise pleased with the day’s turnout at the motocross track: “It’s a good number,” John remarked.

“There’s probably a 50-50 mix of people who are here for their first time versus those with a current licence. It’s a good mix. Everybody who is licensed, who are experienced with competing and doing MV permitted days, are helping out with marshalling and are looking after the newbies, so it’s working out well.

“If (the National Come ‘n’ Try Day) brings a lot of new people into the sport then it’s a good thing,” John added.

At the road race circuit, president of the Hartwell Motorcycle Club, Glenn Nankervis, was rapt with the day: “The day has been great. We had about 30-40 new people ring the club and ask us about the National Come ‘n’ Try Day. The HMRAV has gotten on board with a further 15 or 20 as well as the SCRAV,” Glenn said.

“Primarily what we wanted to get out of today was to show people what we can do in the race season. Today is all about showing them what’s available and hopefully get them excited and come back.

“This has been a great initiative by Motorcycling Victoria (and Motorcycling Australia) and hopefully we can continue to do it,” Glenn added.

“We’ve already received some great feedback from the day on Saturday,” Paul Bray, MV’s Sport & Development Manager, said.

“The National Come ‘n’ Try Day was all about growing motorcycle sport, and clubs across the state certainly welcomed new members over the weekend,” Paul added.


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