As a licensed MV rider you have access to a vast range of benefits. These include the following:

Insurance Cover
Quality, safe venues
The Manual of Motorcycle Sport

Insurance Cover

As a licence holder you are covered by the Group & Personal Accident Policy.

The Group & Individual Personal Accident insurance policy covers all competitors, organisers, officials, marshals, licence holders, members, volunteers, employees, directors and committee members against injury whilist competing, engaged in and/or attending race events, practice sessions, functions and other offcially organised activities. Click here to read the full policy.

Click here to read Understanding Your Liability Insurance

Quality, safe venues

Motorcycling Victoria has a team of qualified and MA accredited Venue Inspectors who, on an annual basis, visit and inspect each venue in Victoria to ensure they comply with the National Venue Standards.

This ensures that you are riding at quality, safe venues whenever you compete at any MV/MA permitted event.

Manual of Motorcycle Sport

Each year Motorcycling Australia produces the Manual of Motorcycle Sport, containing that year's General Competition Rules.

These rules are designed to ensure fair and safe competition for all involved in the sport.

Click here to view the Manual of Motorcycle Sport.


MYLAPS Sports Timing & Motorcycling Victoria join forces to offer you the new MYLAPS MX FLEX Transponder.

The new MX FLEX transponder combines the unbeaten accuracy and reliability of the well-known MX (classic) transponders with low level entry costs. A MX FLEX transponder is linked to a 1, 2 or 5 year subscription and gives you the flexibility to extend the usage of the transponder after the initial subscription period.

Additionally, a MX FLEX transponder comes with unlimited warranty so you’ll never end up without lap times!


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