Key Officials Seminars

Motorcycling Victoria is now offering Key Officials Seminars for the roles of Steward/Referee and Clerk of Course, Race Secretary and Scrutineer.

These Seminars will be available to Level 2 Officials within those roles that wish to gain a greater understanding and knowledge base within that role.
For those Officials wanting to upgrade to Level 3 for any of the above roles, attendance at one of these Seminars is what the Officials Panel will use as part of the criteria for attaining that Level 3 upgrade.






Sound Control Officer Seminar

Saturday 8th February

Maffra-Sale MCC

Entries Closed

Mark Vallance - or (03) 9673 0612

Race Secretary Seminar

Saturday 22nd March

MV Office, Port Melbourne

Entries Closed

Mark Vallance - or (03) 9673 0612

Scrutineer Seminar

Saturday 31st May

MV Office, Port Melbourne

Registration Form

Mark Vallance - or (03) 9673 0612


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