2015 Motocross Committee

The 2015 Motocross Management Committee are as follows: 

Christine Windham (Chair) - christine.windham@motorcyclingvic.com.au
Linda Stubbs (Secretary) - mxsecretary@motorcyclingvic.com.au
Gavin Dunn
Rodney McGee
Darlene Van Slooten
Rod Goullet
Kenny Watts
Trudy Van Vliet
Penny Anell
Mark Ross

MX Senior Race Secretary - Darlene
Email: mxsenior@motorcyclingvic.com.au

MX Junior Race Secretary - Christine
Email: mxjunior@motorcyclingvic.com.au

Any written correspondence can be mailed to the MV office in Port Melbourne:
Motocross Management
Address: Suite 125/9 Hall Street, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207
or P.O. Box 791, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207



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