Quads racing in Victoria is, for the most part, solely conducted by the Quad Riders Club of Victoria (QRCV).

The QRCV was founded in 2000 and currently boasts over 160 members, consisting of men, women and children. Members participate in all types of events including MX racing, Enduros, Trail Rides, Sandfests and family days. The club was formed to meet the needs of a rapidly growing sport and caters for all ages and skill levels.

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MV's AGM will be held on Wednesday, May 7 at 200 The Boulevard, Port Melbourne.

From April 1, 2014, smoking is banned at outdoor areas where children are playing, swimming or participating in sport.

The 2014 National Come 'n' Try Day, a weekend for newcomers, will take place on February 21-22 around Victoria.

Nick Selleck has been appointed as the new Manager of MV's State Motorcycle Sports Complex.

MV would like clubs to regisater their interest for next year's National Come & Try Day on February 22-23.

VicHealth is offering over $1mill in community grants to get more people in Victoria physically active.