Important Forms & Documents

Licence Application Form
(as of 15.5.15)

Applicable for these licences:
Senior National & Junior National Licence
Senior Club & Junior Club Licence
Senior Restricted & Junior Restricted Licence
Senior One Event Licence
Recreation Licence
Entrants Licence
Mini Licence
Speedway Mechanic

Log Book Applications
Historic Log Book Transfer of Ownership
Historic Log Book Application Form
Historic Log Book Interim Approval Application

Officials & Coaching Licence Forms
Officials Licence
Coaching Licence
Level 1 Coaching Licence
Level 1 Coaching Licence (Renewal)
Kickstart Coaching Plan

Event Forms
Accident Injury Report (Medical Officials)
Charge Sheet
Clerk of Course Report Form
Clerk of Course Determination Form
Competition Permit Application Form

Competition Report
Generic Event Indemnity Form
Generic Event Indemnity Form - Sign On Form
Generic Entry Form & Supplementary Regulations
Guardian Form
Historic Log Book Declaration
Steward Nomination Form
Stewards Report Form
Non-Competition Event Report Form
Incident Report Form

Incident Conditions Form
Officials Incident Report Form
Injury Report Form
Serious Injury Report Form
Medical Injury Report
St John's First Aid Booking Form
Series Clerk of Course Form
Licence Declaration Form
Licence & JCP Log Book Declaration Form
Machine Measurers Examiners Report

Meeting Information
Protest Form
Notice of Penalties Imposed by Steward
Official Notification - Rule Breach
Stewards Checklist
Stewards Determination
Stewards Expense Sheet
Summary of Stewards Hearing

Venue Forms
Track Licence Application Form
Track Guidelines
Track Guidelines Amendment Form

Other Forms

2014-15 Club Affiliation Form (Online)
Competition Permit Application Form

Permit Application for Non-Competitive Events
2015 Management Committee Nomination Form
2015 Management Committee - Duties & Responsibilities



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