History of MV

Motorcycling Victoria, formerly the Auto Cycle Union of Victoria, was formed in 1928. It copied its name from the Auto Cycle Union of Great Britain.

The first President of the then ACUV was Mr. Fred Yott and the Secretary was Mr. A.Cliff Wilson.

A lot of volunteers put in many hard yards over the early years, however one person deserves a special mention; William (Bill) Gardiner. Mr Gardiner was Secretary of the ACUV from 1940-1974 and during those years was also secretary of the Auto Cycle Council of Australia (ACCA), now Motorcycling Australia, and the Australian Speedway Control Council (ASCC).

In those days all State Controlling Bodies (SCB) provided two delegates to the ACCA, with one of those delegates from each SCB forming the ASCC. Each SCB also had their own Speedway Subcommittee. This continued until 1986 when the ASCC ceased to exist and came under the control of the ACCA and the SCB’s – as it is today.

As recognition for his tireless work for the ACUV, Mr. Bill Gardiner had the Motocross circuit at the State Motorcycle Sports Complex named in his honour.

In the 60s the ACUV started the Land Purchase Fund (LPF), with the aim of one day purchasing land for the use of ACUV members and provide somewhere for them to ride their bikes forever. A contribution of 2 shillings (20 cents) was made by each rider at each event towards the LPF.


The LPF Committee had located various sites that they and the ACUV Executive inspected over a period of time. Mr Otti Tuckett, who worked at the Shire of Mitchell at the time and was a close friend of Murray Nankervis, then President of the Hartwell MCC, spotted a parcel of land on Strath Creek Road in Broadford.

After many discussions and with the approval of the General Meeting the decision was made in the early 70s to purchase the land on Strath Creek Road. Of course, this is now the State Motorcycle Sports Complex.

The first track to open at the Complex was the Motocross track, with the grand opening performed by Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. MA Patron and then Minister for Industrial Relations, Mr. Tony Street, was also in attendance.

The Dirt Track was completed and opened in 1988 and the Road Circuit a few years later after the purchase of extra land.

Further land was purchased in October 2005 adjacent to the Dirt Track area. At the same time the Harley Club also purchased 330 acres on the neighbouring property.

In the late 70s and early 80s the Victorian Mini Bike Association (VMBA) was born and catered mainly for the younger riders, which at that time the ACUV did not cater for. There was an agreement between the ACUV and VMBA that the VMBA would not have engines with a capacity greater than 125cc.

This was the situation until 1992 when Mr. David White and Mr. Darryl Hiddle (President) travelled to Brisbane to meet with Mr. Jim Grieg of the Junior Motocross Association of Australia (JMAA). Sadly, Mr. Grieg passed away and discussions continued with Mr. John McKeown and eventually the amalgamation of the JMAA and MA was agreed to, which in turn meant the amalgamation of the ACUV and VMBA.

The ACUV changed its name to Motorcycling Australia (VIC) in 1993 and then in 1999 it simply became Motorcycling Victoria.


Motorcycling Victoria was at 15 Thompson Street, Abbotsford from 1977.

In the early 90s, MV relocated to 10 Hilton Street, Clifton Hill.

In 2000, MV moved to 125/9 Hall Street, Port Melbourne.




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