Motorcycling Victoria Discipline Management Committees are responsible for grading riders in their discipline so that riders can compete in classes and competitions that are relevant to their skill level and ability.

New junior and senior competition licence holders will generally start in the amateur class to ensure they have time to adapt to the level of competition.

Junior riders who turn senior will usually start in the amateur class of competition.

See below a full rundown of how grading works in each discipline.


In Classic Motocross there is an Expert and Non-Expert class, if the committee see a rider in either class performing outside of the expectations then they will be informed that they are to change classes.

In Classic Motocross, the winner for the year in the Non-Expert class is automatically regraded to the Expert class for the following year.


There is no grading done for Dirt Track. Clubs may have grading within their own club however this is done using internal systems – contact your club for more information.


Grading for Enduro is done at the end of each Championship season via a “round-the-table” selection committee prior to the presentation night which is usually held in September.

The Chief Scorer provides valuable result comparisons for the year so the committee can make an informed decision.


Gradings for Motocross are primarily based on the Victorian Championship, completed by the MX Management Committee, with consistent results and times throughout the season considered for riders.

A mid-year grading is done at the completion of the Victorian Championships (usually July). A further end of year grading is completed in December.

Riders who believe they should have been considered for grading should complete a “Grading Request Form” (available on the Forms page of the MV website) as well as sending information to support your request to –


As the Quads discipline is predominantly formed within the Quad Riders Club of Victoria, the grading is done by the combined club and discipline committee.

The grading is done once a year once the State Championship season is completed.


The Road Race Discipline Committee is responsible for the grading of Road Race riders. The committee generally determines grading for Road Race based on the years racing in Victoria and this is done at the end of each year.


To be confirmed.


Grading for Trial is normally done by the Trial Management Committee at the beginning of each year, however it’s not as critical as some other disciplines.

Riders are permitted to compete in grades higher than they are graded, provided they are not in breach of the GCRs in relation to age and/or permissible capacity of motorcycle.


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