Elite Rider Training Camp: Jake Gogol

WITH Motorcycling Victoria’s Elite Rider Training Camp just over a month away, riders are eagerly awaiting the chance to hear those off-bike tips and tricks that will get them closer to their goals. One of those riders is Jake Gogol.

MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp is due to to take place on July 10-12 at the Melbourne Parkview Hotel.

Jake has so far, in 2017, competed in the Dandenong Motorcycle Club Off Road Championship, Victoria Off Road Championship and the Mansfield Grass Track Series.

“I’m currently sitting inside the top 10 in both the Dandenong MCC Off Road Championship and the VORC and in the Mansfield Grass Track Series I’m currently on the podium,” Jake said.

“My goal for the remainder of the year is to reach the top five in each of the rounds that I’m racing and to finish on the podium at the end of the Mansfield Grass Track Series which has one round left to go.”

When it comes to 2018, Jake doesn’t just want to improve his riding but he also wants to make sure that he does it the right way.

“In 2018 I want to climb the ladder to get top three in the U19A Grade (or whichever class I will be racing in for the VORC), win A Grade in the DMCC Club Championships and to have more bike time while enjoying every moment of it.”

Like most of the riders that attend the MV Elite Rider Training Camp, nutrition and sponsorship are the two key components that Jake is wanting to hear about the most.

“At the Training Camp, I am looking forward to meeting new riders and being able to learn more about nutrition, sponsorship and the different ways I’m able to train in different scenarios.”

“Some of the things that I’m hoping to get out of the Camp are – to be able to take what I’ve learnt home with me, be able to to apply it to my racing schedules and be able to go above my abilities that I’m currently at at this point in time.”

MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp is taking place on July 10-12 at the Melbourne Parkview Hotel, you can follow the Camp by liking the MV Elite Training Camp Facebook Page:

For more information on the Parkview Hotel, please head to their website:

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