Elite Rider Training Camp: Emilee Lewis

WITH Motorcycling Victoria’s Elite Rider Training Camp just a couple of weeks away, riders are eagerly awaiting the chance to hear those off-bike tips and tricks that will get them closer to their goals. One of those riders is Emilee Lewis.

MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp is due to take place on July 10-12 at the Melbourne Parkview Hotel.

Emilee has so far competed in the Gippsland MX Series and the Victorian Senior MX Championships.

“So far in 2017 I’m sitting fifth in the Gippsland Series and 12th in the Victorian Senior MX Championships,” Emilee said.

“I’ve competed in three Gippsland rounds and only the one Victorian round.”

For 2017, after suffering a number of injuries during 2016, Emilee is simply wanting to find confidence on the bike again.

“As I’ve been on and off with racing this year (and last) with health and injury issues, I want to be able to have faster times in my races and I aim to be more confident on the bike. I want to be able to become fitter and be able to complete seven lap races.”

“For 2018 I aim to be better, by then I want to a lot more confident and consistent with my placings in races.”

Emilee attended the MV Elite Rider Training Camp last year but unfortunately was injured at the time and was held back from a few of the activities.

“Last year I went into the Camp with two injuries, so this year I’m hoping to do the fitness training sessions each morning and I’m also looking forward to meeting new people from other disciplines.”

“I’m looking forward to learning new things about nutrition, as well as ways to beat fatigue on the bike and better ways to handle recovery after race meets.”

MV’s Elite Rider Training Camp is taking place on July 10-12 at the Melbourne Parkview Hotel, you can follow the Camp by liking the MV Elite Training Camp Facebook Page:

For more information on the Parkview Hotel, please head to their website:

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