Elite Rider Training Camp: Day 2

RIDERS were taught about various styles of Coaches, Sports Psychology and more on Day 2 of the Elite Rider Training Camp.

THROUGHOUT Day 2 the eight riders attending the MV Elite Rider Training Camp were taught about Officials/Flags, various styles of Coaches, Sports Psychology, Social Media and also about Sportsmanship as Chris Gray took the reins. Stephen Mion returned for another gruelling morning fitness session running the riders through the wringer once again.

“Fitness is important to get faster and we’re getting shown some really good exercises and sessions by Stephen,” Ryley Oakes said.

After downing some breakfast and a surprisingly quick dip in the hotel pool by the riders, Chris Gray took control of the day.

First-up was a lecture on the role Officials play at Motorcycling Victoria events and discussion on a number of rules that the riders might come across during their riding.

“It was a bit surprising how much you actually need to know when it came to the rules of racing. You can be accused of doing so many different things and penalised in different ways that you really do need to know about them,” Ryley said.

Chris then sent the discussion down a Sports Psychology path, explaining to the riders how to focus on the good and not the bad, or how to relax at the start line and the next corner.

“Psychology or mindset is really important. A lot of the time you don’t even realise you’re thinking about something else but you really need to get everything out of your head and focus only on the riding,” Ryley added.

The lectures then moved to focus on the different styles of coaching and what the riders believed worked for them. For example the lecture made the riders figure out whether a coach made all the decisions for the rider or there was split decision making or if the coach left it entirely up to the rider, was the best for them and how they would work with those styles of coach.

To round out the lectures Chris told them all the dangers of Social Media from a career perspective and how the riders should really be vigilant with what they are putting on social media and what they are allowing to be put on their social media. This topic also mixed in with the Sport Psychology and using social media, or phones in general, while at events.

The discussion then segued nicely into Sportsmanship and how this also can affect your career as you move forward. Explaining to the riders how decisions they make on or off the track during events can give them a bad reputation, or a good reputation, for years to come.

“Sportsmanship is really important in racing so that you don’t give yourself a bad name. Once you do it’s really difficult to change the way people see you,” Chris added.

The third and final day of the MV Elite Rider Training Camp will focus on Sponsorship, Media and Professional Development with Lee Hogan leading the way, plus a couple of extra guests!

Image:  A rider is put through his paces at Albert Park Sports Centre yesterday, Tuesday, September 22.

– Mark Vallance
Operations & Events Manager

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