Coaches Initiative for 2018

Motorcycling Victoria is pleased to announce an initiative for clubs and prospective coaches that will be brought in for 2018.

During 2018, clubs will be able to nominate one person to attend a Level 1 Coaching Course free of charge.

It will be expected that this person will be someone able to assist the club in providing coaching for the club, in particular Kick Start training for new members and be an active participant in the coaching community.

A person who has been nominated by their club will still complete the same Registration Form for a course that any other participant would do, they would just need to make a note on the form that they are the club nominated coach. The MV Office will be keeping a record of clubs and coaches that take advantage of this initiative as the nominations/registrations are received.

Level 1 Coaching Courses are conducted throughout the State, with five courses being held during 2017. It is envisaged that a similar number of courses will be held in 2018, again in various parts of the State, allowing clubs plenty of opportunities to send a representative to the course.

A Level 1 Coaching Course generally costs $110.

Further information about coaching is available on the COACHES page of the MV website and via our Frequently Asked Questions document, available from the top right of the website.

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