Broadford History

IN the early 1970s, Motorcycling Victoria purchased land on Strath Creek Road, which has since become the State Motorcycle Sports Complex, formerly known as Reg Hunt Park.

Im 1958, the Auto Cycle Union of Victoria (now Motorcycling Victoria) started the Land Purchase Fund (LPF), with the aim of one day purchasing land for the use of ACUV members and provide somewhere for them to ride their bikes forever. A contribution of 2 shillings (20 cents) was made by each rider at each event towards the LPF.

The LPF Committee had located various sites that they and the ACUV Executive inspected over a period of time. Mr Otti Tuckett, who worked at the Shire of Broadford (now Mitchell Shire) at the time and was a close friend of Murray Nankervis, then President of the Hartwell MCC, spotted a parcel of land on Strath Creek Road in Broadford.

A number of visits were conducted by various members of the ACUV and plenty of discussions held at ACUV General Meetings. There was plenty of interest in the site by the members, especially as Broadford was seen to be close to the geographical centre of Victoria so no one group would be advantaged/disadvantaged by its location.

After many discussions and securing a loan from the ACUV’s Rider Repair Fund, the ACUV purchased the first parcel of land (approx. 160 acres)
in 1975.

Immediately the volunteers moved in to begin work on constructing the venue. The first construction at the Complex was the machinery shed.

The first track to open at the Complex was the motocross track, with the grand opening performed by then Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. MA Patron and then Minister for Industrial Relations, Mr. Tony Street, was also in attendance.

An unused swampy area of the Complex was decided as the ideal spot for a Long Track/Dirt Track. The Dirt Track was completed and opened in 1988.

Originally the track layout was perfectly symmetrical, however after a few years John Coleman, who started working at the Complex in 1985, “pulled in” the spectator fence on the side to create a track shaped like a half peanut and in the process removed the Long Track which was rarely used.

Meanwhile an enthusiastic band of volunteers started work on the Road Circuit, with plenty of earthworks taking place. In fact the original old straight can still be seen in the middle of the front straight and back straight.

This was never needed as the ACUV were able to purchase more land (what is now the RR Pits) and this allowed for a more natural layout.

The Road Circuit was opened in March 1990 by the then Shire President Kath McKenzie.

In the early 2000s the Mitchell Shire (15.75 hectares) had further land for sale which MV were able to purchase. This parcel is the area between the entrance to the RR Pits and half way to the Hume Highway.

Then in 2005 more land became available and again MV were able to purchase all three parcels of land and at the same time the Harley Club purchased a parcel of land (360 acres) adjacent to this new land.

It has also hosted the only World Motocross & Supermotard Grand Prix events to take place in Australia in 2000, 2001 and 2005.



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