Become an Official

Becoming an Official is easy.

An important part of becoming an Official involves either completing the Level 1 Officials Assessment, or undertaking a Level 2 Training Course.

Level 1 Assessment

The Level 1 Assessment can be completed by a written assessment, while the Level 2 Course consists of both theory and practical components, and an assessment that must also be passed.

MV has recently implemented the Level 1 Officials Assessment, which does not require attending a course. A Level 1 Officials Accreditation allows you to officiate at Club Level events only, but does not allow you to Steward or Referee these events.

To become a Level 1 Official, simply complete the Level 1 application and assessment. Once this has been completed, your application and assessment will need to be submitted to MV for marking and processing.

Level 2 Accreditation

Only a Level 2 Accreditation or higher will allow you to Steward or Referee at an event, and with the valuable contributions our volunteers produce every week, MV offers the Level 2 Officials Course at no cost in an effort to encourage more people in assisting run fantastic events.

Accredited Official

Upon successfully completing an Officials Assessment, you will be recognised as a qualified Official. An Officials Licence is valid for four (4) years.

After four (4) years you will be required to renew your licence by submitting relevant logged practical experience in the Participation Journal. No logged participation will require the course to be re-completed.

You will have the opportunity to progress through to a Level 3 (State level events) and Level 4 (National events) with the further training and relevant experience.

To become an Official for the first time or to renew your licence:



To renew or replace your coaching licence, to become a Level 1 Coach or renew your Level 1 Coaching licence:




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