Become a Coach

TO become a qualified coach you will first need to complete a Level 1 Motorcycle Sport Coaching Course.

Coaching Courses are conducted by Motorcycling Victoria at various times throughout the year.

A Level 1 Coaching Course consists of two days, covering the Sport Specific component of the Accreditation, including a practical and written assessment.

The BEGINNING COACHING GENERAL PRINCIPLES component is completed online through the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) website post course to complete the Level 1 Accreditation.

The cost of the course is $150 per person, which includes all tuition, coaching course material and a coaching licence valid for one year.

Once you have completed the Level 1 Motorcycle Sport Coaching Course you will be issued with a probationary 12-month Club Coach licence.

In that 12 months you must undertake 20 hours of practical coaching (logged in your Participation Journal) and complete the Beginning Coaching Worksheets on the ONLINE COACHING COURSE.

Once completed, send these items along to MV and once verified, you will be issued with a full Level 1 Motorcycle Sport Coaching Licence.

When you complete the Coaching Course you become “accredited” and this accreditation lasts for four (4) years (NOTE: Accreditation is not your licence). In that four (4) year period to renew your Coaching Licence you simply need to complete the LEVEL 1 COACHING ACCREDITATION/LICENCE APPLICATION FORM and submit it to MV.

At the end of that four (4) year period you will need to get re-accredited. To do this you must have completed a number of tasks (see below) in the preceding four (4) years since you completed the Coaching Course.

The tasks you need to complete are:

  • 20 hours of sport specific tasks
  • 10 hours of general sports tasks

Sport-specific tasks include:

  • Obtain Level 2 Motorcycle Sport Coaching Licence
  • Present/lecture at courses
  • Attend AIS Training Camps
  • Conduct practical coaching

General-sport tasks include:

  • Obtain Sports Trainer accreditation
  • Obtain First Aid certificate
  • CPR accreditation
  • Attend MV Officials Courses



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